+How does work TRILUCom?

The advantage of our offer is that you do not change your existing infrastructure and do not change your phone provider, no your hardware such. Need to change PBX system.

With TRILUCall and PQC (Power & Quality Check), our technicians connect our TriluBox Gateway to your existing hardware, which then, with in milliseconds of an incoming or outgoing call, whether we can offer a better rate for this. Our software recognizes whether this is a flatrate tariff of yours or a paid call for you. As you know, there are enormous costs, especially for international calls.

With in fractions of a second, our system then determines the world’s best provider, which meets the highest requirements in terms of quality and security.

In general, we can offer you a saving of approximately 20% compared to your previous bill per month on your telephone costs, which are not covered by a flatrate. This requires a prior analysis of your inventory telephone bill.

On the basis of our analysis we guarantee you this for 12 months on the basis of a consultancy contract, which you can cancel monthly. There are no additional costs for you. With our offer you have all the savings in detail at a glance.

Wake-up effect by TRILUCom

Our experience shows that your main contractor informs you and offers you a supposedly cheaper rate. For another guarantee of savings, we will once again perform energy and quality control. With our elaborate simulation, we can disaggregate the jungle of rates and give you a neutral recommendation. We are also on your side in the future, we promise.

How does billing work?

You will receive our monthly invoice with a detailed single-billing and pay in addition to your existing telephone service provider the calls made by us.

What happens if our hardware fails?

Nothing, because then you call as usual on your existing infrastructure. Our TRILUBox Gateway automatically switches to your telephone system. Our 24-hour hotline will then take care of the technical problem immediately.

Our hardware is produced according to the latest guidelines in Germany at one of the leading manufacturers, and you have all the necessary approvals.

What do we need from you?

You leave us the necessary documents such as your telephone bill of the last month, during which you can also blacken your customer number and sensitive data. We calculate the possible savings potential, which we provide you with within 24 hours without obligation and free of charge by an analysis.


With our experienced team we offer you our full support when it comes to saving on your telephone charges. You have no time to worry about it or no staff that is familiar in the unmanageable and constantly changing telecommunications market? This is exactly where our work begins!